Monday, February 21, 2011

Vagina Monologues

February 21st, 2004 (7 years ago today): Eve Ensler and Jane Fonda produce the first all-transgender production of the Vagina Monologues. Eighteen trans women performed the readings, and a new monologue for trans women was added.


So...posts will be even fewer and further between for a while, probably, because my computer is committing slow suicide.

Friday, February 11, 2011


There's a long and funny story about why I'm pissed right now (hint: it involves my ex-boyfriend, his depression issues and the fact that most of his friends blame me for them, and his recent arrest), and when I saw it's a long story, I mean it's a LONG FUCKING STORY.
So I'm going to think about happy shit, to distract myself.
Like the fact that for once, I don't hate the music on the radio. Not all of it, anyways. I still can't stand lots of it. I mean, seriously, Rihanna, we all know your fucking name. Stop asking us.
But I digress. Ever since all the teen suicides last year (no, I'm not going to post a fucking link. Why? Because I'm lazy. And if you've already forgotten about that, then I probably don't like you.), it's become "cool" to be gay, or bi (sadly, most people still seem to forget about the trannies.) Everyone wore purple to school, to work, to show their support for the LGBTs, "it gets better" is the top result on Google if you just type in "it"- seriously, go try it- and half the music on the radio is about tolerance, acceptance, loving people even if they're not like you. The music videos feature fat chicks going "screw everyone, Imma eat if I want, gay men kissing- Even TV's getting in on it,or so I'm told. We don't actually have TV at my house, so I watch maybe five or six shows on my computer. But out of the, let's see, five TV shows I watch, four feature, or have featured, LGB (sorry, trannies, they forgot you again. Grr!) as main characters. Gayness is "cool". It's "trendy".
And, OK, part of me wants to be pissed because so many people are just jumping on the bandwagon of the new trend. But you know what? It's a damned good bandwagon to be jumping on, and we're making a helluva fuss about it. LGBTs and their allies can't be ignored anymore. So I will not complain. Much.

My evidence:
Katy Perry- Firework You've got your gay guys kissing, in the middle of a crowded club, not caring what anyone says, while Katy tells us not to be afraid of what anyone else says. Because if you are, then fireworks will not explode out of your boobies. No, wait, sorry, that's the ADD talking. The point is you shouldn't let anyone keep you down because of who you are. And that you should keep doves under your trenchoat, so when you are mugged, you can distract them.
(Side note: How the hell are the doves freaking these muggers out more than the fact that there are FIREWORKS coming out of this guy's chest?)

P!nk- Raise Your Glass P!nk performs at the wedding of two gay men. Fat chick smacks the skinny girl in the face. She addresses all the "dirty little freaks", sticking up for the blacks, the Hispanics, the chicks (she makes Rosie the Riveter look even awesomer), the gays, the nerds, the skaters, hell, even the animals, and says we're never gonna shut up, we're never gonna back down, good fucking luck trying to stop us.
(This video also features a baby waving around a sippy cup like it's drunk or something, a baby cow, and   P!nk sleeping with nuns, then showing up at a high school dance with a major sunburn going on. Now you're gonna go watch it just out of curiosity. Ha!)

Also from P!nk is Fuckin' Perfect...There aren't really any words I can say that will do it justice, without making me sound like a bad Disney movie. Just go watch it.

And now from Lady Gaga is Born This Way. The link is to a lyrics site, by the way, because I don't think there is a video yet. This song's a little heavy on God for my tastes, but so's most of the debate about homosexuality in the first place, so I suppose it's appropriate.

Tolerance is trendy? Celebs are supporting gayness? Acceptance and love is taking over the airwaves? Whod'a fucking thunk it?

P.S. Pro-life view on abortion is still coming, I swear. As soon as I find it. You can stop bugging me now, Daniela.